Friday, 1 August 2008

Gandalf and Blue

Gandalf has a new friend - Mums cat Blue. Today she was laying on this mini garden bench, she looked soooooo cute I ran inside for my camera to take a snap shot, I was doing my David Bailey when who should casually come and join the session my darling Gandalf.

Gandalf is doing well and responding well to his indoor life, he was allowed out briefly today for his camera shoot.


Freya's Staff said...

I'm so glad to see Gandalf with his new friend! What's the situation? Is Blue living with Gandalf now? He looks gorgeous! How long did it take them to make friends?

I'm also really glad to hear he's doing ok with indoor life.

Love to you all!

chez said...

Blue is our resident yard cat (also a rescue cat, she came from an outdoor life and loves being outside) and takes care of the pesky rodents, she has been here for the same amount of time as the boys but hated them from the start and still keeps Gandalf at a distance, the picture is the closest she has let hem get, I think he is a little bit rough for her liking He wants to play fight and She would rather NOT IF YOU DON'T MIND.

ttfn love Chez and the gang :-) x (-:

Corrinne said...

Hurray!! I'm so pleased to see Gandalf looking relaxed and happy and well with his new friend :-) I hope they meet each other half way and become the best of buddies.

Corrinne said...

I just had another look at the pic of Blue; she really is a gorgeous looking cat. And from her expression I think she secretly likes Gandalf ;-) (I love the little cat sized bench that Blue is lying on. I want one!!!)

Corrinne said...

Hey, long time no hear. How's Gandalf doing these days?? Rob and I often wonder about him. Sam and Merry seem settled and happy and confident. They're like part of the furniture now :-) Hope to hear more about Gandalf soon. Best wishes xx

Freya's Staff said...

Hey guys - I was just thinking about poor dear Frodo, and the gorgeous Gandalf The Great!

How's Gandalf doing with Blue? Have they become inseparable? Hope everything's well with you all, Freya says Hi to Georgia, and love to Gandalf.

Freya's Staff said...

Hi Guys!

I hope you still visit sometimes? I hope you're all well, Gandalf the Great, Blue, Chez and Georgia, and you still visit now and again to see how Freya, and Sam and Merry are doing??

Anyway, I've sent you an award - it's at

Boxen & Bella's Blog said...

I am so sorry to hear about Frodo. Mom will not let me outside either but some mean person declawed me so I really don't want to go out there. Blue is a really pretty kitty! Tell Gandolf hi from Andrea. I am so glad that I am finding some new friends on here.


Corrinne said...

Hallo, just noticed it's been a year to the day since your last blog entry. Wanted to let you know that we still think about Gandalf and Frodo. All the best, from Corrinne, Rob, Sammy and Merry. xx