Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Are they enjoying thier new found freedom?

Corrinne asked "How are Frodo and Gandalf enjoying their new found freedom? Do they wander far from home? Are they good at coming home when they've been out wandering?"

Gandalf and Frodo seem to spend most of their time in the conservatory on top of the cupboard asleep - They wake up have a quick play fight, eat then it's resume position on the cupboard. I must add that they have a cat flap now and can come and go as they please and most mornings I have a gift, usually a tiny little shrew or a be-headed mouse... Mmm nice! Just to add to this post. This morning we got a baby rabbit - Frodo sat next to it looking like he had just been out on safari and ever so proud of himself.

By the way Corrinne, do you think Frodo has a lion look about him, like your Merry? Does he have little tufts on the tips of his ears? Also, Gandalfs ear has a small nick out of it like Merry.


Corrinne said...

Yes, Frodo and Merry have such similar looks. I'm really pleased about that. I was beginning to think that Merry wasn't really part of Sam's family at all; that he'd just been plonked in the litter when no one was looking... a 'cuckoo kitten' if you like. Your two boys look so much like Sam and Merry; Rob and I were quite amazed :-)

Freya's Staff said...

They really are so handsome - the second picture down - he looks like he has a really long snout, and then the third picture looks more like a normal kittie face.. I'm guessing they're different cats, but looking at your cats and samwise and merry, it amazes me how big a difference the angle of the photo makes..

Looking head on at any of them, they look like normal kitties, and then as soon as you see the side, you think WOW! that's unusual!